• Services

  • Landscaping, Sod, Patios, Walkways, & Xeriscape

    For a beautiful, functional, healthy and appealing outdoor space, let us design and install it for you. We'll design green areas, install sod, and add low-maintenance paths and patio areas to enhance your home or business. Or let us design beautiful, lasting, and drought-resistant xeriscaping.

  • Sprinkler/Drip System Repair & Installation

    Inefficient and malfunctioning irrigation systems can waste both time and money. ​We install and repair sprinkler and drip systems to help you maintain your outdoor space efficiently with minimal effort and investment.​ ​

  • Pruning & Stump Removal

    Keeping greenery manicured and safely trimmed away from rooftops is one of the most effective ways to preserve and beautify your property. For expert care, leave your tree and shrub pruning,​ ​and stump removal to us.

  • Residential & Commercial Maintenance

     Want lush, manicured​ ​lawns, shrubs, trees, and​ ​sparkling clean grounds​ ​without​ ​lifting a finger? Let us do it for you. We provide regularly​ ​scheduled maintenance for hassle-free enjoyment of your outdoor space.​ ​We have​ ​service​ plans to​ ​maintain both residential and commercial properties.

  • Gardens ​& Raised Beds

    Gardens and raised beds beautify and add dimension to any outdoor space. Vegetable and herb gardens that yield fresh harvests can be treasured additions to back yards and playgrounds. Raised flower or plant beds can add striking color and appeal to outdoor spaces as well. Tell us your preferences and we'll recommend the ideal solution for both aesthetic and functional enhancement of your outdoor areas.

  • Power ​Rake & ​A​erating

    Power ​raking and aerating​ both help ​​re​vitalize d​ry​, ​patch​y​,​ or excessively spongy grass​ by ​removing some of the decomposed, organic material between the top of the soil and the bottom of the grass blade​,​​ called "thatch".​​ ​By penetrating ​the thatch layer​, ​nutrients, water, and fertilizers ​can nourish ​the ​roots ​enabling grassy areas to look their best.

  • Spring and ​Fall ​Cleanups

    To keep plants thriving throughout the year and to keep outdoor spaces tidy, twice yearly cleanups are recommended. In spring we remove dead leaves and debris and trim back plants to encourage healthy growth and to help get outdoor spaces primed for summer fun. In fall we remove dead leaves and debris once again and prepare the plants and soil for winter.

  • Power ​Washing

    Dirt, mold, sediment, and weeds not only detract from the look of your home, over time they can actually degrade construction. To keep your home functioning at and looking its best, power washing exterior surfaces, such as siding, decks, fences, and driveways ​twice a year is optimal. Call now to schedule service.