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    Following in the footsteps of my father before me, I made the choice to get into ​the ​landscaping​ business​. ​I started the business with the expectation that my previous ​experience, ​my ​love of the outdoors​​ and everything green, and ​my interest ​in serving ​the community​ would be put to good use.

    After ten years of committed work and heartfelt dedication, that vision has grown into a thriving enterprise. Unified by shared goals and work ethic, I now have a team that's helped to leverage that original vision. With more manpower, we've been able to reach a broader client base, while still maintaining the personalized service that has always been the at the root of J and J Landscape LLC. As the company flourishes and our satisfied client list grows ever longer, I feel tremendous satisfaction.

    I couldn't be more grateful to all the customers who've trusted their projects to our expertise. To past, present, future customers, thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. Your satisfaction is the greatest testament to the success of the original vision for J and J. Thank you for being the most integral part of our story by letting us serve​ you.​

    David Robertson
    J and J Landscape LLC